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The title says it all, Angie is a brash and bold artist from Sweden, that is now making waves with her controversial music. We got the chance to ask her a few questions.

You may have seen Angie’s recent video floating around the next recently, it is certainly stimulating conversation! Titled “Smoke Weed Eat Pussy”, the debut single from this up-and-coming Swedish artist goes a long way to break the norm. There is no subtly here, with this self-proclaimed “weed hoe” making it abundantly clear that her music is her own – haters going to hate! With heavy reverberating base and controversial lyrics, she has certainly got everyone talking.

To find out more, we got in contact with her to ask a few questions. You can see her answers below – as well as check out her video for yourself!

What’s your favourite way to use cannabis, and why?

I always smoke it as a joint, I like bongs, but I don’t have one. I like it because I smoke cigarettes, I think. I’m used to it that way. Been smoking since I was 13 - I have to stop with the cigarettes, though.

Many say they find a lot of creativity in cannabis (you only need look at some of the timeless names of the music world). You obviously have a love for it, but do you find it acts as a creative source for your wider work in general? What else inspires you?

I have borderline disorder and a hint of ADD, so I self-medicate. I have always been super creative, and I just love walking in the woods, smoking a jay, and then writing a song.

Do you remember the first time you smoked weed? Tell me a little about it.

Haha, I’m not sure I remember it that well, but I remember the time I started smoking on a regular basis. It was with my best girl, she knew I was super sad in an art class we had together, so she brought a joint - not just a joint, a cocktail of weed, and we got sooooo high. Our teacher was such a hippie, so she didn’t notice anything.

Have you ever been busted for your cannabis use?

Not yet, but soon I think. (COME ON AND CATCH ME STUPID MF’S)

What was the highlight of making your video?

Smoking weed and hanging with the best people.

Have you ever tried growing your own weed before? If so, how did it go?

Yes, but my brother made me throw it away because the cops were outside our door. I still miss little Holly Haze.

Do you have any stories where cannabis has resulted in a bad experience?

My brother puked while he was drunk, and he only took like 3 hits. Don’t mix if you’re not used to it. I also passed out the first time I mixed alcohol with weed.

What is next for you?

World takeover. Much love <3333333

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