"Virginity Blue" is an unreleased song by Ängie. It was originally written for her debut album but then scrapped when the album became Heartburn. It has not been performed live or released to fans.


The song is about when Ängie lost her virtinity. On her Tumblr, she made a post talking about it and how she was excited to release new music. "I thought I was so in love but he wasn't even that into me. But I was so eager to lose my virginity somehow. I wanted to feel like a woman. So I didn't care about that he didn't care. I believed he cared, and that was enough." – Ängie wrote.[1]

Ängie also made a video on her Youtube channel about the song, called "Virginity blue for you".



I was so blue for you
Virginity blue for you


  • Ängie's single "Sad Sex" talks about a similar subject and was inspired by an experience that happened in a close frame of time than this. The two songs may be about the same situation.


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