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"Unstable" is an unreleased song by Ängie. The title of the song is yet to be confirmed.


Ängie posted part of the lyrics to the song on Instagram in January 2020 with the description "a big fuck you to all the rapists out there" and later deleted the post the same day.[1]


The song appears to be about the time when Ängie was most depressed, through her teenage years and how she used drugs to cope with her problems.


On the inside I'm dead
But a face like an angel's breathing your mess
Even tho it is painful
Maybe you're the reason why I got so hateful?
I used to be fine, now I'm unstable
I'm unstable, now I'm unstable

Stealing flowers from graves
While I'm on cacaine
Kissing sluts in the rain
Life is so damn lame
Gimme MDMA
Fake happy, cheer up my brain
Cheer up my brain


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