"Summer In The City" is an unreleased song by Ängie and produced by frequent collaborator and friend Harrison First.


On July 6th, 2020, Ängie posted the first verse of the song on her Instagram.[1]

The song was written and recorded on August 28th at Ängie's house in a session with Harrison First. The song wasn't fully written yet so they recorded only the first verses and a draft for the chorus.

On that day, Harrison did a 1 hour live stream on Youtube showcasing the session, in which they also started recording "Down By The Bay".[2] After his stream, Ängie also did two live streams on her Instagram showing more of the process of the two songs being made.

Later, Harrison First revealed on his Telegram group that the session was to work on new material for their second album.

On September 7th, Ängie posted the first two verses of the song on her Instagram.[3]



Summer in the city
And I'm feeling fucking pretty
But I don't got anywhere to go

I'm cruising on my bike
And I'm feeling fucking tight
But I am so terribly alone

No one picks up the phone
I don't know what I do wrong
Instead I'll try to write another sad song

The clouds are getting darker
And smiling's getting kind of harder
And I'm jealous of everyone I know


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