Simon Gärdenfors is a Swedish cartoonist, rapper, television presenter, and radio host. He was in a relationship with Ängie between the years of 2015 and 2017.


Simon has published multiple graphic novels, best known for "Dead Buddy", "Nybuskis" and "Simon's 120 days". As a cartoonist, he has contributed extensively for Galago, Rocky Magazin,e and has also been editor of the Swedish MAD.

As a comedian and host, Simon does stand-up and has also been a standing feature in P3: Popular and has had a talk show about junk culture in ZTV. He also currently works on his podcast Arkiv Samtal (in which Ängie has participated when they were together).

Gärdenfors was in the rap band Las Palmas and is currently rapping in the duo Far & Son.


  • The reason why he and Ängie broke up is unknown, though many believe that it was because of her fiancé, Pussel Widegren.


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