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It's been fast for Angelina "Ängie" Dehn. In less than a year she has become Sweden's answer to Miley Cyrus and appeared together with, among others, Elliphant and Urban Cone. The Sun newspaper has previously written about her as "the most shocking pop star of 2016" and thought Beyoncé would be suitable for this new star. Maybe it is her song lyrics about drugs and sex or the pastel-colored hair that creates interest in Ängie. We met up with her to ask some quick questions.

What is your music all about?

My life, in short. It is about my feelings, mental illness and my diagnoses. I wish more people actually dared to ask what everything is about instead of just assuming. Many interpreters assume the song "Spun" as the world's party song. I understand why but it is really fat tragic and is about how as a 16-year-old I felt lost and took drugs and sex to feel better. "Smoke Weed Eat Pussy" is about how I went on after being dumped by my first girlfriend. Although everything may sound superficial, there is always a thought and a darker story behind every line of text I write.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I usually spend half the day in the forest. Just to hang, write music or suppress anxiety. Or I'm just at school, having a studio session or working at home on my aesthetic. However, I prefer the days in the forest. Always.

If you got to travel back and live for another time. What year and why?

OH! Easy! I would like to live as Marie-Antoinette in the 18th century, mostly just to be rich and lie around wearing lots of nice dresses.

How can someone impress you?

First, you have to be a creator, you have to like to create stuff. Then you have to have good movie taste, good music taste and a good style. And you have to treat me like a princess too.

Which Youtube video should the world just miss?

Haha! I will say "2 girls 1 cup". [We choose not to embed this movie this time]

Before Facebook existed, where were you hanging out online?

Playahead and Emocore!! Then I hung out at the Habbo Hotel when I was like 12, which is maybe a little embarrassing. Got my heart broken there by a guy I wrote with and who I said I was in love with but then he never logged in again.

Name four things you would never do without?

Genital organs. Tacos. Grass and friends of course.

Where will we find you this summer?

I will run some gigs at Emmaboda and Peace & Love, but otherwise you will find me most in the forest.

If your friends would describe you - what would they say?

A little crazy, a little foamy and a little childish I think. But also very humble.

What would your autobiography be called?

Suicidal since 1995.

Who would you like to be connected to?

Of course, Lou Reed if he was alive. Hmm, or maybe ... Lil Peep, Iggy Azalea, Tommy Cash or NO, Lana Del Rey! Delete all the others! Always Lana Del Rey.


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