Pussel Widegren is Ängie's fiancé and DJ. They had a three year relationship before Pussel proposed to her on July 2019.

Pussel also co-directed and edited a series of poem videos for Ängie's Youtube Channel, besides editing the music video for her song "We Run" and making multiple appearences on her other music videos.


  • Ängie met Pussel through a friend in 2017, and she was still in a relationship with Simon Gärdenfors. They became friends and Pussel started to working as DJ on Ängie's concerts. Their relationship started later that same year.
  • Ängie has three tattos dedicaded to Pussel, a portrait of him, the word "pussed" on her butt and A+P inside an arrowed heart, witch matches with a tattoo that Pussel also has.
  • Ängie has a scar on her arm from when she burned herself with a cigarette to impress Pussel.[1]
  • When Pussel proposed to Ängie, she made an Instagram post describing the moment: "I'm so happy I could die. Today he got down on one knee proposing to me after watching the most beautiful sundown. I can't believe I'm blessed with this man so obviously I said YES! I can't wait spending the rest of our days together!" – said Ängie.[2]
    • Ängie wrote "Antiparos" about him and the trip where the proposal happened.
  • Pussel's favorite Ängie song is Spun[3].



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