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"We can go for the crime..."

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"Pick Up The Phone" is an unreleased song by Ängie produced by Harrison First, recorded for their second studio album together. The title of the song is not confirmed.


Ängie and Harrison started writing and recording the song on April 16th, 2021 in a session on her apartment, and they did two Instagram livestreams showing the process. That day, they were still writing the song and only had the instrumentals, the first verse and a rough sketch for the chorus.



The lyrics are incomplete and need revision.

Like a (?) on my tongue
You knew that I was going to run
Now that it's all said and done
I feel so lonely

I tho we both did so much wrong
And that is why we said so long
And now that I'm here on my own

It's all just spinning in my head
Don't know why I miss your bed
You're still stuck inside my head
Cause I still love you

Will you pick up your phone?
Will you pick up your phone?
Will you pick up your phone?
Oh, let it run
Let it run, let it run, run