Per Sinding-Larsen (also known as PSL) is a Swedish interview show that talks about pop culture, including music, filma & more. Ängie and Harrison First did an interview for the show on June 2020 to talk about their debut album, Not Pushing Daisies



This translation is only for the Swedish parts of the interview where Ängie talks. Some of the translations may be not totally correct.

Harrison and I are creating an album now. Many of my songs are about love. I often sing about what I've gone through regarding addiction and broken relationships. About having the energy to move forward, about not having the energy to move forward. Everything regarding life and death. About being bothered to/having the energy to, about not being bothered to/having the energy to (TL's note: She is using the word 'orka' which doesn't have a perfect translation in this context). Everything that life is about, really.

This crisis is very tiresome, it has affected my creating a bit as I don't always have the energy, when I've read something in the newspaper and you become sad or something. You feel worried constantly and then you're not able to get the creative process to flow as easily. But it will have to be that way for as long as it's needed.

Right now, it's about getting through this crisis, listening to the music, creating more music and hoping for better times.


  • This is Ängie's first televised interview.
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