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Pär Ola Norell (known simply as Ola Rapace) is a Swedish actor, writer and musician. He has dated Ängie from June to December 2021.


Rapace's big breakthrough came with the popular TV series Tusenbröder, which was about a group of handymen who become involved in organized crime. Immediately following was his role as "Stefan Lindman" in Wallander, which was based on Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallander books. He continued with several police and crime-related TV series.

His first English-language film was the 2004 independent movie Rancid starring Matthew Settle (from Band of Brothers and Gossip Girl). One of his bigger projects was the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall, where he portrayed the hitman "Patrice". In 2018 Rapace was one of the main antagonists in series 3 of Netflix/BBC's popular Viking drama The Last Kingdom as "Jarl Sigurd Bloodhair".

Relationship with Ängie

A few months after her breakup with Pussel Widegren, Ängie met Ola on the Discovery+ reality show Behandlingen, which they both were a part of. The show was recorded over the course of 21 days during June 2021 with none of the 6 protagonists knowing each other prior to it. Ängie and Ola connected along the course of the show and continued their relationship after the experience.

She first mentioned him on June 29th, with a photo tagging him and a friend on Instagram. After that they slowly started appearing on each others social media in subtle ways. On July 9th she posted a video shot by him on his house while playing his guitar, and on the 17th posted a screenshot of a message conversation in which they say they love each other. Around the same time, he started using her necklace, which has her name. At the end of July, they did a trip together to Paris, France. On August 1st, Ängie revealed he had made a tattoo with her name "Angelina".

During their relationship, Ängie wrote an entire album's worth of songs for/about Ola, did two pocket shows on the conferences of his management company, and a collaboration with the clothing brand Human Scales, with him, that is still yet to be oficially released. The couple broke up oficially on December 2021, in a friendly manor, due to unknown reasons.



  • Ängie has written multiple songs dedicated to Ola, including "16", "Dreaming Of Paris" and "4 Roses".
  • Ängie and Ola have made a campaign for clothing brand Human Scales together.