Nynäshamns Posten is a local newspaper from Ängie's hometown, Nynäshamn they did an interview and photoshoot – by Gunnar Jacobsson – with her in 2016.


Angelina Dehn, raised in Ösmo, Nynäshamn, recently released the single "Smoke Weed Eat Pussy" at the record label Universal. She writes lyrics, that may offend some people, at an almost manic pace. She draws much inspiration from the occasional glorious upbringing in Nynäshamn. It's not even two years since 21-year-old Angelina Dehn moved from Ösmo. Mom and dad still live in Nynäshamn.

Growing up was not a story of sunshine. She was bullied because she was different and had mental illness. "Too soon," Angelina puts it about when she came in contact with drugs. For the youth experience though, the use of cannabis is nothing she condemns today, rather the opposite. Ängie dislikes heavier drugs but thinks that weed is only good for her.

— "Alcohol is the most dangerous drug. I don't drink liquor. It should at least be the same laws for cannabis as for alcohol," she says.

Does that sound provocative? If yes, then Ängie is probably not the artist for you. She thinks it is hypocritical that no one raises the eyebrows if a male artist reports on exactly the same things she addresses, but when a woman does so, moral panic erupts.

— It is tragic that people are still offended. I have received a lot of hate since I released the single [Smoke Weed Eat Pussy], but also a lot of love. Among other things, I get lots of love from fans in Russia.

The single has received over 150,000 gigs online in just three weeks. Ängie and the record company are investing most in launch abroad, which has so far given publicity in the newspapers QX, The Guardian and The Sun, among others. The latter newspaper called her debut single "The Most Controversial Song 2016".

It also prepares gigs abroad, including in China.

Ängie describes her youth years in Nynäshamn as a single big cry for attention. Undoubtedly, growing up has affected her a lot, but she would not want it any other way. "It is through experience that you develop empathy and without empathy you become narrow-minded," she explains.

— "My mom is very proud of me and I'm proud of myself too. I'm damn good. Already when I was 17 I decided that no one can decide on me or what to do with my body. I'm the one who decides everything, it's just that. My dad tried to be strict and hold the reins but it didn't work because I refuse to let anyone decide on me."

If there is any message she wants to convey, it is precisely a feminist "fuck you" to all haters. Now all Nynäshamn's apologists have to apologize, but when we talk about Nynäshamn, Ängie doesn't have many good things to say. She describes the atmosphere as restricted and the inhabitants as racist, homophobic and sexist.

— "I would like to perform everywhere except in Nynäshamn. The last time I was here I got into trouble with people who disturbed me saying that I "thought I was something". I also don't want to perform for everyone I've ever been with," says Ängie, who always seems to have a killing one liner ready.

Her humor and exaggeration are an important part of her artistry.

— "You have to be a little feminist rabid, otherwise the message will not reach," says Ängie.

"Is there nothing good to say about Nynäshamn then?" – I wonder. Yes, she has a few very close friends in the town, otherwise it is nature and the sea that attracts her, she says. Angelina loves to sail for example.

But there will be no songs about sailing in Nynäshamn?

— Well, I actually wrote a song about walking on Ringvägen!

Angelina constantly listens to music and has always written lyrics and composed music at a furious pace. She has about 40 songs in stock. Among other things, the police in Nynäshamn can expect a small mention in a future song.

However, her lyrics are not just about sex and drugs, she explains. The first single was selected most consciously so that it was tracked to create attention and maximum exposure. It seems to have been a winning concept: Her new single is released in October and is called "Housewife Spliffing".


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