Hemma hos Strage is a Swedish music podcast, hosted by author and journalist Fredrik Strage. Ängie was in the ninth episode of the fourth season of it, in November 2018.


"Ängie conquered the world with her song "Smoke Weed Eat Pussy" which she wrote after a breakup with her girlfriend. The hit gave her fans on both sides of the Atlantic (her most devoted admirers are Brazilian gays). Recently, her first EP "Suicidal Since 1995" was released, where the great cover of Velvet Underground's "Venus in furs" impressed Fredrik Strage. At his home, Ängie talks about growing up in Nynäshamn (where she claims that 70% of the population smokes), about tattoos, trap-pop and why you shouldn't twist cars while taking ecstasy. "Hemma hos Strage" is produced by Lion Media in collaboration with Nordic Spirit" - True White.[1]


Unfortunately, the podcast can only be heard in Swedish. It is available for listening on



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