Harrison First is a American songwriter and producer. He works producing other people and also solo, with his own independent label JNRY FIRST. He is one of Ängie's best friends and frequent collaborator.

Works with Ängie

Relationship with Ängie

Harrison and Ängie met each other on Instagram. He texted her on the DM's one day to invite her to a session, since he had studio time and she was free that day. Even tho she was reluctant at first, they had an instant musical conection and wrote "BAMBAM" that same day, eventually deciding to make an EP together.

After their EP collaboration, they stayed close - Ängie considers him one of her best friends - and they collab always when it's possible, which culminated on their full-length album, due to be released June 2020. After that they plan to stay making music together "until they get sick of each other", said Ängie.



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