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"Everything Is Fake" is Ängie's upcoming third studio album, with a working title and no release date established. It is possible, however, that the album is completely scrapped due to the creation of Heartburn and Not Pushing Daisies.


With over 40 songs in stock written back to 2016[1], Ängie was expecting to release the project as her debut album. In an interview for Gay Times, she revealed that the title of the album was going to be Everything Is Fake and talked about her writing process and difficulties to release the project.[2]

The album was going to have influence from Lou Reed, Lana Del Rey, and a trap-hop vibe. It's heavily inspired by her life between the ages of 16 and 18. She also planed on creating a short film to accompany the album.[3]

After being dropped by her label in 2018, the album was put on hold. Besides not having enough money for the promotion and visuals of the project, the creative direction for the album tracks wasn't working for Ängie, so she decided to scrap the album.[4]

On April 2020, however, Ängie announced in an Instagram live-stream that she still hopes to release the album in 1 or 2 years. "Everything Is Fake was supposed to be out, but I did it with so many producers that it was hard to put in together, and one producer was supposed to do the whole thing, but, yeah, life. So I'm trying to collect all the songs that I wanna have on the album, like, old song, and I'm gonna re-do them. It's gonna be out in a year or so I think, I'm just going to work on all the songs I've been doing for the last couple of years to make it as good as possible." - said Ängie.[5]

She also announced on the live-stream that she was thinking about changing the title but didn't talk about her ideas since the release date is so far in the future.

Short Films

Prior to the cancelation of the album, Ängie did a series of videos on her Youtube channel titled "Everything Is Fake - Short Films". It consisted of short videos filmed, directed and edited by Ängie and her boyfriend at the time, Pussel Widegren. In them she talked about various subjects and recite poems written by her.

Many believe that each of the videos captured the feel of the respective songs they represent, others think the videos were talking about the themes and concepts that the album would touch on. Ängie never confirmed either of these theories or talked about the videos again after she stoped the production of the album.


Possible Songs

Cut Tracks


  • While the album has had many titles, it was revealed in an interview with Freak Fanzine that one of the original names was "Life Is Disgusting".