"Dream About Killing You" is an unreleased song by Ängie. The title of the song is not official, since Ängie never confirmed it.


Ängie posted a snippet of the song on her Instagram Stories along with some of its lyrics on a post in April 2019[1].


The song is presumably about Ängie wanting to get out of an abusive relationship by killing her partner.



Sometimes I think about how I would feel
To shoot you down and finally end our years
Stabbing your back or maybe run you over
Burn your body, find another lover

I'm loosing my mind, trying to play your games
Light up a cigarette and cry in the rain
I'm Loosing my shit, I feel it in my veins
Something will happen, this is not a good day

Sometimes I dream about killing you
Sometimes I think
My little dream will come true
Often I dream about killing you
Often I think
My little dream will come true


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