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"Cool For You" is an unreleased song by Ängie produced by Harrison First. It was written for their second studio album, Follow The White Rabbit, but ended up being scrapped.


The song started to be written and recorded on Harrison's apartment, in a session for their second studio album. The session was livestreamed though Harrison's Discord group, and they wrote "If I Can't Have You" in that same day.

Ängie and Harrison started writing the song with a melody and the line "I'm too cool for you", then worked on a pre-chorus and verse. The first draft of the song, done in that session had only a verse with two lines, pre-chorus and chorus, and had 1:30 of length.

The song was not included on the final tracklist for their album, and it is unknown if it was ever finished.


In the session, Ängie said she wanted to make a song about being interested in someone, but knowing you shouldn't be with them because they don't treat you like you deserve.



I'm better off without you in my life
But I'm still chasing memories of you in my mind

I think of you when I'm smoking my cigarettes
I think of you when I'm getting undressed
I'll think of you when I'm taking my last breath
I'll think of you until the very end

But I am too cool for you
Yeah, I am too cool for you (x6)