ColoRising is an online magazine curating the best in cutting edge music, fashion and culture. They did an interview with Ängie in 2016.


Stockholm’s Ängie may boast a physical beauty synonymous with her country, but as a music artist she is far from the typical lighthearted pop songstress. Equipped with a bad girl swagger, the tattooed, marijuana-loving vocalist has already begun to shake things up with her debut single ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’. The rumbling drum & bass meets trap bit is practically an anthem for stoners and cunnilingus connoisseurs, and at the very least, those who simply love a party-starter of a track. Already tipped to be a fire-starter this year, Ängie currently has us lifted in her hazy, smoke-filled aura.

Going straight into your single ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’, aside from what some may consider the obvious, what motivated the track?

It’s just a funny story about how I was in my teenage years. When I was experimenting and a bit grossed out by dick.

I read that you were mischievous as a kid, what sort of devious things did you do?

Ha. Well me and my big brother were like Beavis & Butthead. You know, stealing the neighbours flowers. Teaching the young kids all the cool cuss words and sort of taking what we wanted.

When did you first begin making music?

Maybe 2 years ago. But I didn’t really record anything until I started snapchatting Death Team from my bathtub.

Whilst Sweden has had a reputation of a spawning polished pop acts, over the past few years there have been artists creating a darker sound. For you, did you know initially that you wanted to come out a bit more edgier than the norm?

Fuck the norm! Ha. No, I didn’t really ever compare myself to other Swedish artists. I wanted to make the music I listened to. Snoop, M.I.A, Gwen Stefani … oh, and Kent – but they’re Swedish.

What has been the response from people when you perform the single on stage?

A lot of people in the crowd trap dancing. Bucket hats. Eating pussy and smoking weed. Like ancient fucking Rome. Haha.

Clearly you also have a strong sex appeal. With that fact mixed with your outspokenness about certain topics, have there been any misconceptions about you from people?

No. They get it!

Are you currently working on an EP or LP and if so what can people expect?

Don’t expect anything, I’m a stoner after all! Seriously though, working on a new single and a video for you soon. Puss o kram.

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