"Believer" is an unreleased song by Ängie. The singer posted a part of the lyrics on her Tumblr in November 2018[1], and later a voice memo of the song on her Instagram and Youtube channel.



We’re two drunk hearts apart
I'm smoking my weed
I'm thinking 'bout me
Life is so fucking hard
I'm bitter, I'm Eager
I'm lovely like art

Do you really love me?
I'm honest, I’m evil
I'm a real sweetheart
Why won’t you see it like me?
We different but equal
But easy to hurt

You’re a real piece of art
You’re strong just like metal
But covered in dirt
I love your perfect flaws
I hate you, I love You
Ignoring my calls

But babe, I'm a believer
I'm a believer
But babe, I'm a believer
I'm a believer


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