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"Someone, tell me where the time's gone now"

This article is about content that has yet to be released. Some of the information may be inaccurate or likely to change.

This is an unreleased song that is going to be on Ängie's upcoming album with Tail Whip, Heartburn. It is rumored to be the intro to the album since it is a spoken word song.


In April 2020, Ängie did a live-stream on Instagram where she played the entire interlude.


The song is a type of poem, connecting together the theme of the album and referencing all the songs from it.



The world frightens me
(?) heartburn
Excited makes me choke
Like flowers (?)

I'd be your poison
Lungs filled with smoke
Taste like cherries and whiskey
I'm tired of myself
I'm a believer
(?) town

When I fall asleep
Will I see you again?
Or we'll just go to dust
Dusted on the space
I'm too dumb to understand
Stuck in some kind of psychosis
Longing for approval
Had sad sex, fake lovers, and low lives
But here comes the truth

Stuck in the same dream
Same dream

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